« The a-cappella choir is one of the oldest and also one of the most cosmopolitan existing musical ensemble. Composers have created their finest masterpieces for this choir which is as beautiful and exacting as the string quartet. There are but few pieces that combine cello and choir. Thus Henri Demarquette, Catherine Simonpietri, as well as the singers of the vocal ensemble Sequenza 9.3 intend to create a new trend, a new concert style ». 

Cello, so often associated with the human voice, finds there the most harmonious setting surrounded by voices which run trough the musical expanse. This project is constructed first by asking the greatest current composers of pieces for chord and cello solos. We interpret some existing work of the 20th century to find an echo of modernity, we draw our inspiration from ancient music, from Allegri, Lassus, Purcell or Dowland.

It seems that the beauty of this associated tone has raised this program to a spiritual dimension. Beyond epoch and tradition, the choice of work leads to a higher level and meditation.

Henri Demarquette


Vocello project in vidéo

First album Vocello

Henry Purcell : When I laid in earth (arr. François Saint-Yves)

John Tavener : Svyati

Johannes Ockeghem : Déploration sur la mort de Gilles Binchois 

Eric Tanguy : Stabat Mater 

John Dowland : Flow my tears (arr. François Saint-Yves)

Thierry Escaich : Night's birds 

Jacob Clemens Non Papa : O souverain, Pasteur et Maîstre 

Philippe Hersant : Métamorphoses 

Juste Janulyte : Plonge 

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